Some landlords will allow two or more tenants to share a property, but the following must be noted:-
All tenants must understand the commitment they are entering into and must remain at the property for the duration of the rental agreement. 

     There can be no assignment of a lease under most types of contract, however if one of the tenants wishes to leave and a replacement tenant is found, a new Agreement will have to be prepared to include the replacement tenant (subject to the Landlordís prior approval) and the costs of the new agreement, including the landlordís share, will be the tenantís responsibility. 

     Credit search references will also have to be taken up on all new tenants all parties to the agreement must sign the a contract prior to moving in. If one of the prospective tenants cannot sign prior to moving in THEN NO ONE CAN MOVE IN UNTIL EVERYONE HAS SIGNED. (A new agreement will not be prepared if the tenancy is delayed by one or more of the tenants not signing on time, unless of course, the tenants are prepared to pay for a new agreement and they would have to pay the landlordís costs in addition). 

     It is the practice for landlords or their Agents to accept the monthly rental by one standing order payment from the tenants and we would suggest you set up a ďHouse Bank AccountĒ to cover this and any other outgoings for the property