Payment Method

It is company policy that the Advertiser has got a PayPal account, to advertise there property on this website. If the Seller or Buyer has no PayPal account, they can easily open an account by clicking on the PayPal Icon on the home page. This provides our clients with secure account details when paying for advertising on this website. Other than advertising our clients properties on our website we are therefore not responsible for any outcome there after, as we only advertise properties for our clients.

When a sale of a sale or rented property occurs, the buyer/owner should contact the Seller or the person who rents property, whereby  the seller or the person who rents the property should arrange a viewing appointment for the property. If the buyer or person who rents property is satisfied with the property, payment should be arrange with the seller/owner directly for the property. The Buyer and Seller, and person who rents the property should also contact the appropriate bodies to arrange change of ownership or tenancy of that property.

Request Advert Payments

Request Money allows us to receive payment for adverts from anyone with a PayPal account in 55 countries and regions that accept PayPal.
We will  request payment from a  recipient's PayPal account ONLY for the amount of any property to be advertised on our website.

Using this method of payment allows for

* Secure, instant payments from an advert placement
* And sending payment request to a customer

 We accept payments in any of these currencies:

* Canadian Dollar
* Euro
* Pound Sterling
* US Dollar
* Yen
* Australian Dollar