Our Prices

Our Prices
We believe that the three packages that we provide is good enough to advertise your property on our site is value for money.                                                        We have on offer packages which has all of the features that you need to advertise your property successfully.

How long do you want to advertise for?
You can advertise for as little as 30 for three month and upwards, these prices are also the same for renting property please check below for more details.

Shown below are options for the cost of each packaged advert.

We have designed our packages so that you only have to pay a one off payment for your advert. You can take your time to consider what package is best for your property. Once you are happy with your package you can send your details along with an image for your advert. Upon activation we ask for a one-off payment. We do not ask for a subscription and you are not required to continue listing when your listing expires.

On activation of your advert for your property if you receive an interested buyer who should contact you, we cannot refund any payment for adverts that have been sold before the end of the advert period. Having said that we wish you every success in your advert.